What a weekend

Despite our best efforts, yesterday was a write off. Storm Gertrude did her worst, and there was no way much could be done, even in the tunnel, other than taping up small tears.

The polytunnel has stood up to some serious wind this winter and it is impressive how well it has done. I made a wee video yesterday so you can get a flavour of the surroundings!

I did manage to sort out the compost yesterday, though. I got 9 bags of beautiful compost from the bins, and turned and rearranged the rest. One bin is ready to compost down further for summer, and a second for winter. The third bin is free now for the next collection.

I got some help too! The Professor ventured out in the breeze. Today he made it as far as the polytunnel where he wreaked havoc…


I am pretty chuffed that despite the wind and rain, we still have enough produce in the tunnel to supply folks with the occasional veg order –  must be doing something right.

Since today was calm, I managed a run – a total of 6k, and a personal best 5k of 32.08. I didn’t want to go, but the feeling of success was worth it in the end.

Last on the job list was creating a path in the hen enclosure. The poor wee souls are upto their oxters in water right now, so we liberated some of the gravel for the drive and made a nice new path. We’ll see how long it lasts.


Gertrude got the better of the pumphouse roof, but as my Dad says, it won’t be the first time it has been patched and I doubt it will be the last. In happy news, there is a perfectly formed, if small, Kohl Rabi in the polytunnel.


And finally, the second tunnel has been just been ordered!! I can almost smell spring…


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