We all make mistakes [or how to stop spamming your facebook friends]

Wow. those facebook settings are tricksy little buggers.

I started playing two new games this week, mainly out of sheer boredom whilst stuck in my bed nursing non-gendered-flu. It took a couple of days before someone thoughtfully told me that I was informing the world everytime I so much as looked at a strawberry.

Once I had got over my huff at being called out on such basic a social media faux pas, I re-assesed my settings. So, in case you have the same problem, here’s what you do.

Create a friend’s list specifically for those you know like games. People who are already neighbours on a farm for example… My list is called Games. That makes it nice and straight-forward. Your Friends lists are stuck down the bottom of the left hand menu.

Next, go to that little arrow on the top right hand side of the page, next to the “Home” option.

Choose “Account Settings”.

Then pick “Apps”.

Find your favourite games from the list and choose “Edit”

Find the setting below and choose to only show updates to those on your “Games” list.


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