The family descend

It must be spring – I am trying to fish.

I am planning to get the hang of fishing off the rocks this year. So far, I have made two trips in two days.

The first trip, I forgot the bait and lost a decent rig and float. The second trip I remembered the bait and lost another rig and float.

Suffice to say, I caught nothing.

I have ordered some new fishing bits. Because new kit will help me catch things. Obviously :-p

Anyway, in other news, the family descended, resulting in a flurry of activity.










I filled a trailer with stuff. It went to the dump.













I made bedrooms nice.












My nieces arrived and ran me ragged.

20140415_143753 20140417_205649

My brother-in-law did a world of work, including removing boss render, fixing gutters and running hot water into the kitchen!

20140420_135640 20140427_202706

My sister and I got to grips with a huge amount of mesh. I built a frame for the beans.

I’ve had to sleep for the last week to get over it all…




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