Preparing the ground

When seaweed is in a big pile, and that pile begins to rot, it builds up heat to such an extent that it steams. Not only that, but the seaweed is hot to the touch when you reach the centre of the pile. The smell is like sulpher. I hate it. It is my least favourite job of all.

However, today was earmaked for preparing the polytunnel ground, and for fertilising the bean and pea patch, so the seaweed had to be moved. That and a good lot of well rotted dung. It rained all day, which didn’t make the job any more enjoyable.

It would be fair to say that I am not at my most sweet smelling this evening. I do feel like a lot was accomplished though, which is a nice feeling. I leave tomorrow to visit my nieces in Oxford, so I’ll leave the stench of freshly spread seaweed and muck to be enjoyed by my father. With a bit of luck, the polytunnel will come back with me.

I also began digging the 4th section of the walled garden this week. It might take me a while, but when it is done, the entire garden will be in use for the first time since about 1975

20150207_163903 20150207_164316

Seeds are sprouting, buds are appearing and the garlic is up! Could spring be heading our way?

And finally, the MOST exciting news of the week – the double glazing arrived!

I’m off for a much needed bath.

One thought on “Preparing the ground

  • 8th February 2015 at 10:05 pm

    My goodness you are putting us to shame. Looks brilliant, congratulations. do hope you enjoy your trip to Oxford. Love from us both


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