Oh hey.

I’m told that people are missing my blogs. This year, in a classic “new year, new me” stylee, I am going to try being better at it.

Last time I blogged, I wasn’t long out of hospital after kneeling on a nail. To be honest, that threw me off kilter for most of the year. Everything became a catch up exercise, and I didn’t catch up.

Veg did ok, but not brilliant. Carrots failed to germinate well, potatoes got scab, and the garlic was a disaster. And then one of my kittens was run over and didn’t survive 🙁

In good news, the turnips were great for the first time in 4 years, mainly because they were covered.

There has been lots of good stuff, though. I am living in a warm house. I moved into the big end of the house in late August, and am still appreciating the joy or hot water, heating and a shower. Now the little end of the house is getting the same treatment – it is currently taken back to the dirt and the stone, ready for a new concrete floor.

My goal this year is to try and do an outside job (allotment related) every day. If I can eat better and generally keep on top of life, that will be a bonus.

This is Morag the Mantis. She will hopefully reduce digging time by cultivating, rotovating, ploughing furrows and edging beds. Fingers crossed. It’s a powerful wee machine which provides a full body workout when used.

So yeah, there we go. It’s back to the grind of digging, fertilising and clearing ground. Sadly, the Pumphouse which never looks its best, is full to the gunnels with hens and ducks sitting out the Avian Flu directive, which means that all domestic birds have to be kept away from wild ones. It began on 6 Dec, and was extended this week until 28 Feb. Whilst I totally understand why it is being done, it is a nightmare for poultry owners and results in a vast quantity of mucking out and a constant battle against mites, worms and mess. No-one is amused, not least the birds.

As I reckon we are at least 2 months behind on preparing the ground for the upcoming season, it’s going to be a busy 2017.

Bliadhna mhath ùr!


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