No rest for the wicked

It’s all go on the croft. This week has been bright and sunny (almost warm), and we are finally getting to do all the outside jobs which have been waiting for decent weather.

You would be forgiven for thinking that growing veg and demolishing parts of the house is all I do, but I actually work fulltime from home as well. That means that every spare minute is spent outside just now. I generally get back into the house at 10pm, eat my dinner in bed and pass out. My sister thinks I am ignoring her, and people are receiving email communication at ungodly hours. It is all worth it, though. The allotment is taking shape, things are growing and the polytunnel is fully planted up.

Although we are still struggling to get enough veg to meet demand, things are looking up with the good weather, and the second big order went out followed by a veg box and a good weekend of salad leaf sales. Veg boxes will be £10 if collected, and £12.50 delivered. I am limiting the numbers right now until I figure out whether I am growing the right quantities, so if you want one, send me a facebook message.

The hens are laying in a somewhat ad hoc fashion. After ruling everything else out, I reckon it is because it is still so damn cold at night. They are however, doing a sterling job working over a pile of manure, which creates a beautiful, weed and seed free top dressing. Their rewards are as many worms as they can eat.



With a break in the unrelenting wind, we took the chance to put up a windbreak in front of the polytunnel. It will shield some Alleria hedging which should be in by the weekend. Over 30 bits of hegding have already gone in along the south boundary.

The nursey bed was dug in the pouring rain last weekend (bad, I know, but it had to get done). It is now home to celery, beetroot, chioggia, and albina beets. It will also house the outdoor salad – the first planting of which has been done, and covered with a homemade mini-tunnel.

The pet lambs arrived at Coll View (I look after them for a crofter friend), but thankfully they are already weaned, so all they need is creep feeding, which is a vast improvement on twice daily bottles – I think that might have broken me this year.

As a special treat to myself, I also spent a couple of evenings removing the last of the plaster from the end room. You might think I am mad, but there was method to it. You see, by removing the plaster, I could remove the dodgy bit of ceiling, and with all that done, I could lift floorboards. I will be putting a concrete floor down throughout the ground floor as soon as I find someone willing to do it, and by lifting the floorboards, I can reuse them to edge the beds in the polytunnel. Jane’s husband Peter is over this week, so I have added that job to his to-do list!

Until the next time I draw breath and sit down for longer than 2 minutes, here is a pretty picture


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