Life and death at Coll View

It’s a been a fortnight of successes and failures here.

Successes included getting a wall finally rendered and watertight, thanks to the help of taobhtuathtweeds (nothing like offering folk a holiday)






And I also repaired a large section of flashing – so fingers crossed that I have finally vanquished the leak and can complete the garret insulation at long last.

20140526_183153 20140526_183204

And I painted “Yes” on my garage roof in tar. Just because.


The hen with Bumblefoot did get a course of antibiotics, against my better judgement, but didn’t improve, so I had to kill an animal for the first time. (Fish don’t count)

It could have gone better. And it involved what I thought was a dead hen springing back to life with a squwak and running off. My nerves are still recovering. Thanks to a neighbour she was eventually humanely dispatched. I was gutted I didn’t complete the job, but it turns out that you need more strength than I have to kill a young and essentially healthy hen. Lesson learnt. It will be the hatchet next time. My only regret is forgetting that the holiday cottage opposite had people staying in it – I bet that gave them a holiday experience they won’t forget in a hurry…

One of the lambs is ill too – I dosed it last night so fingers crossed it pulls through.

In other news…

Becca and I went fishing and almost caught 3 crabs.


And a duck sat in a bucket.


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