It’s all go, unless you are a hen…

The hen run is complete. Thanks, Neil!

I was feeling slightly bad about locking the hens in until Jane and I spent a good half hour today replanting onions and shallots for the third time. I’m afraid the hens are behind bars until the end of the summer.

Still, they have a lovely big space!


I got a donation of extra butternut squash plants this week and I don’t have enough greenhouse space for all of them, so I made some makeshift cold frames using old drawers and scavenged windscreens.

I added seaweed to one drawer, and manure to the other as a little experiment to see which does best.


This week was also a success in that the hungry gap was bridged. There are still carrots left in the clamp from last year, AND there is new, fresh rocket ready to eat. Score!


The frame for the beans has gone up, the strawberries are netted and the girls helped me plant the first lettuce outside, along with baby beet and radishes. The planting was somewhat adhoc, but I am sure they will grow just fine.

The garlic is coming on well, and a sure sign of spring is that I had to weed it for the first time.


Early mangetout and peas have moved from Jane’s keder house to the greenhouse for hardening off. Hopefully they will be planted out early next week.

20150409_174947 20150409_174952

Anna helped me finish my herb bed, too. All I need to do now is fill it with earth and erbs.


In not such great news, there is a large crack in the waste pipe from the kitchen, and I have given myself a combination of golfers and tennis elbow and have to wear a support. Apparently I should be resting it. Fat chance!

20150408_212421 20150407_142521

Next on the list is planting the next lot of potatoes and onions, and fencing off the camper van croft site down on the machair. Once that is done, there should be permission through for the polytunnel. Fingers crossed.


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