In other news…

I caught a rat in the barrel I use to store bread in for the hens and ducks. I’m not sure how it got in there, but it gave me a heck of a fright when I removed the lid one morning and saw it looking up at me. I closed it, and called a man who knows what he’s doing. He dispatched it with a fence post.


I went to the Tiree Agricultural show, and won some prizes for my eggs and veg. One of my ducks got second place too.

And finally, I spent this afternoon in the garden, doing some tidying (my muscles needed a break from painting) and I discovered that I had enough veg to do a roast dinner. It was immensly satisfying to eat a meal where only the chicken and gravy ingredients had been bought in a shop.

20140727_155101 20140727_183658

Brocolli, carrots, milan turnip, peas and charlotte potatoes. Homemade gravy with homegrown shallots. Delicious.


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