I got flowers, they’re multiplying…

The weather this year is beyond belief. The Summer Solstice has been and gone, and although it is sunny today, there is a north wind and the temperature is still stuck around 11 degrees.

Things struggle to grow under 12 degrees, as proved by the current state of grazing on the island.

I am very grateful for the polytunnel, it is at least helping balance things out. Flowers have appeared on the courgettes and the tomatoes, and there is even a nasturtium flower making an appearance.

Things could be worse, but at this point in the year, salad should be bursting out all over outside. It is not, which means polytunnel space is being taken up by leaves. I have set up a hare deterrent system to ensure the tunnel can be pollinated without providing a drive through for hares. All the mod cons here.


We delivered the first lot of veg to the Beachcomber Cafe yesterday. They are taking our produce all summer, and have a River Cottage trained chef working for them. Very exciting! Hopefully I will have enough downtime to to go and sample lunch on day. Jane planted carrots in her Keder house very early in the season, with a view to supplying the Beachcomber, and she was beside herself yesterday to discover that they were looking so good!

One of the last pieces of the puzzle has been added in the allotment – water. We found the mains pipe feeding the troughs on the croft when we were digging the foundations for the polytunnel. On Saturday, Ewan Hillcrest appeared and we did a deal that if I found the pipe and dug the hole, he would get the standpipe done. I found the pipe first time!

The 21st did come good yesterday evening, and I got some lovely shots. This week is look like it might be better weatherwise. Fingers crossed – I have a to do list as long as my arm!

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