Howard the Rotovator

Last year, I got an old rotovator from a very kind friend. It needed some TLC, and between one thing and another, it has taken longer than I expected to get him up and running, and it has involved a lot of help from other friends and mechanics. Today, I finally got him running smoothly. (It’s a Howard 350)

In under an hour I rotovated a 20 metre strip which would have taken the best part of 2 days with a fork.

Happy days!

The resulting soil is beautiful. If only I could get a machine to manure it too…

The house is fully framed upstairs and downstairs, and the first electrical fix began today – exciting times.


Just as exciting is the stair renovation, being lovingly done by David. The edges of the steps, and all the spindles and handrails were removed in the 1960 upgrade of the house. We are using old floorboards and joists from the house to recreate the original. I can’t wait to see the finished result.

In my spare time, I’ve started a new crochet project – the plan is to turn out a lovely ripple blanket. The yarn is from Attic24 in a range of stunning colours. It’s fast becoming a bit of an addiction.


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