Cats with opposable thumbs

The internet went down last night. I woke up this morning to silence. No email pings, no facebook noifications. Nothing. No VOIP calls. Just blessed silence. Un-nerving, quite frankly. I can’t be doing with it. So, donning my best “IT support” hat, I sallied forth.

Confession time. Last night, I had finally lost my temper with my Eset Security 5 telling me about DNS cache poisoning attacks from within my own network. So I had whitelisted my internal IP range and flushed the DNS cache. I had also downloaded a substantial amount of iPlayer entertainment.

Maybe my DNS tampering had had more of an effect than intended? Maybe Sky had decided that my luck had run out when compared to an acceptable use policy…

Either way, I did everything I would tell someone else to do. I rebooted the router. I unplugged the main telephone socket. I unplugged my router, VOIP router and phone in order, and I plugged them back in, in order, with the regulatory 30 sec gap.

Nothing, nada, zilch.

I had just picked up the phone to Sky when it hit me; check the micro filter. Doh.

And for those wondering why it hadn’t hit me in the eye previously; it was prior to my initial cup of coffee, and my cabling is hidden behind a beheamoth of a printer and and 4’x2′ dog crate…

And there it was, a half naked micro-filter. Phone line well attached and broadband cable nowhere to be seen.

It clicks in, for God’s sake. These things don’t just come out.

Unless my cats have opposable thumbs. I have been concerned about this possibility for quite some time now…

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