Harvest time

It’s been a pretty successful year in the garden, especially if you consider that I have been away for about 5 weeks in total over the summer.

The other day, I pulled my carrots and parsnips and stored them.

I use the traditional clamp method (in Gaelic it’s a polag). Basically, you dig a hole, line it with straw (not hay!), add the veg in a pyramid shape, cover in more straw and then top with earth, leaving some straw sticking out of the top to allow the veg to breathe.

I did it last year and had very litle issue with rot, so I thought I’d try it again.

Always check the veg you are putting in though, it can’t have any cuts, holes or bad bits. If it does, it may rot and the rot can spread. I made and froze carrot soup from my rejected carrots.

Et voila!

I had also done a second planting of carrots, which were at cute, sweet baby carrot stage. I cleaned the whole lot, blanched them and froze them. They will be delicious in the depths of winter.


The last of the year’s courgettes were picked too. I’m sick of courgette, so I gave them away.


I still have cabbage going strong and in very exciting news, there are sprouts appearing! With a bit of luck it will be homegrown carrots, parsnips, cabbage, potatoes and sprouts at Christmas!

Next I need to lift the potatoes. I have been really disappointed with the yield this year. My earlies – Sharpe’s Express and Charlotte did great, but the Kerr’s Pink are disappointing and my Golden Wonders are tiny. So, next year it will be Sharpe’s, Charlotte and Red Rooster.

Yes, I am already planning next year’s garden and plans are afoot for an expansion… Watch this space!


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