Close friends, begone!

Whilst the idea of constantly hearing from close friends on Facebook is nice, the reality is downright irritating.

It’s like having them all sitting behind you at the cinema, loudly updating you on a quality of their child’s nappy, or how well the dog is doing at karate.

Nonstop updates on my phone and my laptop have been driving me to distraction. No more.

A few weeks ago, Facebook, in its wisdom rolled out a turbocharged version of its friends list. Specifically a list called “close friends”. I can only suppose that it was an attempt to pacify those whose news feeds were ravaged by the last set of updates. I mean, really, how many of us are going to spend the time going to the profile of every one of our however many friends so that we can adjust the regularity with which we see their posts from “most” to “all”. Well, I won’t. That much I can tell you.

Sure, I complained when Facebook changed my news feed but I’ve grown to like its less full on approach.

It stands to reason we’ll miss something in this information overloaded world. And that’s okay. Most of what we miss isn’t that important anyway. If we really need to know it, or want to know it, we can utilize that other function of a hand-held digital device; the PHONE.

However, thanks to Facebook, with the close friends list, you’ll never miss anything, ever.

Too much, Zukerberg, too much.

There are two ways to approach this.

1) change your Facebook settings so that everything goes back to the way it was before you chose your close friends. No additional updates on computer or phone.

Find the “friends” section on the left hand menu when viewing your news feed.

Choose the pencil icon next to “close friends”.

Switch off notifications.

2) change phone settings so that notifications arrive on Facebook itself, but do not get pushed to your phone.



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