7 weeks and 2 days of hard graft

7 weeks ago

7 weeks ago



It’s been another hectic weekend, but the polytunnel now has proper edges to the vegetable beds. I checked back over my photos, and discovered that it is exactly 7 weeks and 2 days since the tunnel was completed. In the last seven weeks, every free evening and weekend has been spent bringing it to life. I reckon Jane and I should be pretty pleased with our efforts.

Peter was a great help this weekend, expertly building a stile to reduce the commute from garden to garden, and being very patient as we worked out the edging.

The winter squash, marrows and pumpkins have also been planted out. I dug the bed out of the weeds over the winter, and am rather pleased with the result.

For each plant, I dug a nice deep hole, and filled it with a mixture of well rotted seaweed, homemade compost, and a top dressing of well dug manure (thanks, hens!). Hopefully I will have greater success than last year, when my only harvest was a tiny pumpkin at halloween. It was devil to carve.

In other activites, I decided to replace the gate at the front of the house. The old one was rather lowering the tone. It took two attempts, with 3 different types of fixings, and as we would say in Gaelic, it is a little cugallach (shaky). It can’t actually be used right now, but it does look better…

Thanks to all the brave souls who took delivery of our first batch of veg boxes! I hope you enjoyed them 🙂


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  • 17th June 2015 at 1:11 am

    Very inspiring Rhoda. Looks absolutely brilliant.


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