The sun has been found!

To be honest, the only bright spot in the last week has been the fact that the kittens have stopped running round the toilet seat with muddy paws.

No matter. Croft work continues apace, as does the work on the house – Stewart is doing an amazing job – it is such a relief to see things going back together again. And, the sun came out for a few days which was also a blessed relief. Winter has been relentless. It has felt never ending, which it has been – last winter lasted all summer.


Professor Calculus loves Stewart very much

20160208_155549 20160208_101908



We have a floored loft for the first time ever, and all ceiling joists upstairs have been replaced


Not only that, but half of upstairs is framed.


The drive way has also had some attention, the freshly dug out turning area has a lovely new topping of gravel – it’s looking quite smart


I am still working my way through the last carrot harvest. Carrots used to be yellow, before they were turned orange, and sometimes you get a stray root that tries to go back in time. I found a cracker


We have started digging and fertilising the new potato patch – the first of eight 20 metre strips to be dug…

20160211_142401 20160211_134929

I spent a lot of my spare time this week moving rubbish into the van, moving compost down to the plot, moving more rubbish… Thanks to my Dad for the handy little cart!


The potatoes have been put in egg trays to chit. Sharpe’s Express, Charlotte and Red Rooster again this year.

20160212_122943 20160212_171448

Hopefully this weekend will see the tunnel gravelled at long last, and maybe another strip dug? At least I have managed to clear up and replace ground cover blown away by the storms – fingers crossed we have seen the worst of them.

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