The next phase

Today was spent clearing the polytunnel, ready for the winter.

20151025_111632 20151025_163042

I have never grown veg over the winter, so this is all new to me. At this time of your I am normally hanging up my gloves and settling down for a well earned rest.

This week, we did the last veg run for this year. That means that veg boxes have stopped as we don’t have enough produce to produce a fixed number of boxes each week, but we will still have bits and pieces for sale. Hopefully we will be able to get going nice and early next year, and extend the season that way!

As the garden moves into a new season, so does the house.

8 windows are in. 4 to go. Hopefully, the stoves will follow soon, and framing on the ground floor of the big house is scheduled to start in November… exciting times.

Before that, I need to clear out the top floor (so it can be stripped out). To the end, I have hired a shipping container. My Dad’s books and assorted furniture and building materials will be stored in it.

We have also upgraded the hen facilities, adding a new drinker and a treddle feeder so the hens can eat as and when they need to.

20151024_160309 20151024_160323

And, in a spell of amazing weather, I FINALLY took my kayak out. Two and a half years it has taken to get it in the water in Tiree, but I’ve done it! It also fits in the van, which was a delightful surprise.


Onwards and upwards!

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