Ssh… It might be spring…

It’s been a wild few weeks up here. Hopefully it was winter’s last gasp, but it was certainly a valiant effort. Winds tore across the island, taking bin lids with it, and cutting power at this end of the island for almost 24 hours.(Hats off as always to the Hydro boys for their hard work!)

It has calmed down now, and I have been taking the opportunity to prepare more of the ground in the Fresh off the Croft allotment.

The allotment area has 8 strips, each 20 metres long and about 2 metres wide. They have all been rotovated by tractor, but that is just the first step. By close of play on Saturday, Jane and I had dug over, weeded and fertilised 3 of the strips. It took the best part of a week of spare time. We have dug a trench at each side of the strips. On two strips, we have filled the trenches with sea weed to decompose and create compost for next year. The trenches both edge the strips, and will make it easier to edge properly later and lay paths.

There has also been help from the animals. On Tuesday, with no power, I took advantage of the great day to dig, and took the dogs. Also, where ever I go, Gloria the hen follows. She is eating her body weight in worms. Hopefully she is leaving some for the composting process.

Jane transplanted some mint into fish boxes – they are officially the first allotment plants.


And in other news, it turns out the new hens have a remarkable ability to fly.

The new fencing around the back of the house is great – it looks good and the dogs like being able to watch what is going on.

Tomorrow is looking good too. If I can still walk, I am planning to get going on the pumpkin and squash patch (in the walled garden) and plant some early peas outside…

Long may this spring like spell continue.

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