Scotland has two seasons…

Billy Connelly said, “Scotland has two seasons – June and winter.”

Well, June had better be coming, and I hope it brings with it better weather than we have right now. It is cold, damp and wet. Very little is growing, and the season is weeks behind.

It’s bad for veg growing – very bad. It is also bad for my get up and go. It has recently got up and gone.

The polytunnel is doing ok, but again, a lack of heat is slowing things down. Outside is a washout. Over-wintered Garlic is ok, and the first early potatoes are up, but everything else is fervently wishing it had a) not come up or b) never been planted in the first place.

Because I was later than planned getting the polytunnel up, it will be a while before we are up to full speed, in terms of veg to sell, but we are ticking over, and hopefully will be able to fulfill the larger orders which will soon be landing. Fresh off the Croft is providing veg for a few events this summer…

Somethings are growing, though. The rhubarb is having its best year yet, with lots of lovely fresh stalks, and on a walk down a wet field with the dog, I nearly stepped on what looks to me like an early Orchid.

20150520_143425 20150520_190003


The hen count is now at 24 (and a rooster) after 4 new hens arrived last week. They have been a little slow on the uptake when it comes to sleeping arrangements, but I think they have finally figured it out. I only had to evict them from the duck house twice. 18 eggs a day are needed to fulfill orders over the summer. I think that will happen, although having only laid 12 yesterday, the ladies are being locked up til lunch all next week to have a good think.


I have gained a helper in the Polytunnel. To my father’s never-ending amusement, she is also called Polly. If she would stop rolling in the seedlings, I would be happier about the situation.



And finally, Mya has been given her very own sign.



Hopefully next week will bring a more positive outlook all round.

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