Preparing for Winter

That’s the final harvesting done – the potatoes are lifted.





I am getting ready to add a fourth section to the garden next year, so I have covered the wilderness side with mulch-matting in the hope that enough will die off to make it less hellish to dig early next year.


In preperation for the winter, I have also turned the compost – and I am delighted with my first batch. It is looking good. I left it for the the hens to finish turning. The spring compost is covered and mulching nicely, and there is a third bin ready for a new lot to start. It’s almost like I know what I am doing.

My final big job of the year was to sweep the chimney. Wednesday dawned calm and dry, which was a miracle given the recent weather and I managed to get a last minute load of a brush. I am proud to say that I brushed it the correct way – top down. I did worry a few people as I balanced on the roof ridge on my own, but I survived. Chimney is clean. The living room needs a little dusting though…

20141029_125004 20141029_125246


^ Belt and braces.

There’s a little bit of weeding left to do, and I need to fertilise once I get my twice-annual cac delivery, but otherwise, the garden is in good shape.

Onions and garlic are ordered. I’ll be over-wintering them, and I am going to experiment with winter growing in my neighbours Keder house – I want to see what I can grow in the off season.

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