Many hands and all that!

For a change, it has been another busy weekend on the croft.

Helping hands arrived in the shape of Sarah, Adam and Megan who rolled up their sleeves and began digging.

Thanks to them, we have properly fertilised potatoes, earthed up and covered in beautifully rotten seaweed (thanks, Sarah!).

The fifth patch has finally been finished (thanks, Adam!), ready to plant the leeks out tomorrow night.


Although the salad outside is still being slow, the tunnel is getting going in earnest now. The courgettes in particular are rocketing into life. The first two were sold today – exciting! The tap has been fitted with a handy manifold to manage all the watering.

The nasturtium flowers are looking rather beautiful, and the tomatoes are in flower. I found a couple of frogs, and popped them into the tunnel for good measure. There should be three in there now.

In the course of the week, I also managed to add another vegetable bed down the north side of the tunnel, into which I sowed beetroot, and the third successive salad bed was sown as well. The onions, garlic and shallots on the allotment were weeded too. The brassica bed has been started (although we pinched a few feet of it to make a permanent mint bed), and half of the turnips failed to germinate, so they were resown along with a section of carrots which had also failed. It was either due to poor weather, or more likely, old seeds. Lesson learnt.

Keeping up with orders is the current challenge, but we are doing our best! The summer is still to arrive, although I heard a rumour that temperatures might reach the heady heights of 16 degrees this week. We shall see… In the meantime, I am most likely to be found washing greenfly off plants in the tunnel. It’s an exciting life, I can tell you!

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