Lazy-not-lazy garlic

In case you are wondering why on earth I am making homegrown garlic concoctions in January, there is method to my madness.

It all goes back to the unholy disaster last year was. I planted garlic. It didn’t do well. I left it too late to lift it, and was so annoyed, I ignored it hoping it might turn into a delightful something, maybe perfect bulbs… Funnily enough, it didn’t. What it did do was sprout.

I was rotavating in the walled garden today and my thoughts turned to the wretched garlic. Never one to waste things (my mother is to blame for that) I thought I should use it, rather than fire it on the compost. 

So, I am undertaking two experiments.

  1. I am going to plant the best cloves in a nicely fertilised plot and see how they do. They have already sprouted and aliums hate being moved, but hey ho, they need to be separated.
  2. I have taken the smaller, usable cloves and turned them into lazy garlic. Rest assured, having dug them, sorted them, washed them, peeled and topped and tailed them, crushed them and jarred them, I am certain the lazy garlic is in fact not lazy at all. We’ll see how it keeps. 

The injured cat is locked in the kitchen, and has eyes the size of saucers. He may be high on garlic fumes… I know I am.

Hens got cleaned today too, I got one bed ready for planting (complete with edging, and all thanks to Morag the Mantis) AND the new to me sit on mower arrived (name suggestions?) 

Getting ready for season 3 seems to be the name of the game. Not sure I am ready for the hard graft yet…

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