Kilmarnock Edition – Paying it forward in style

Kilmarnock Edtion - Pay it forward

It’s not often I feel moved to blog about music, but today is an exception.

Kilmarnock Edition played Celtic Connections last night, and they rocked.

The impressive setting of the Glasgow Art Club played perfect host to their wonderfully eclectic and incredibly varied repertoire.

Iain Smith opened the gig with a cracking set including Brightest Sky Blue and Sailing to Philadelphia, it was the energy of the Kilmarnock Edition lineup which really stole the show.

Each member of the band is a singer/song writer in their own right who met as Burnsong finalists and after a week in a house in Dumfries, got on so well that they decided to work together from then on. As far as I could tell, their audience last night were delighted they did.

The beauty of Kilmarnock Edition is that you never know what is coming next, in a good way. They describe themselves as “an eclectic mix of Scots, Gaelic and English songs blended with acoustic folk and roots”, and they certainly mean it.

By the end of the set, the entire audience were on their feet, dancing to the encore, “Sunshine”. I woke up with it still going round my head, and I didn’t mind, which is an excellent yardstick in my book.

One of Kilmarnock Edition’s greatest strengths, for me as a Gaelic speaker is the way in which they effortlessly blend Gaelic and Scots. Both languages sit comfortably side by side, complimenting each other, making space for each other and adding a linguistic depth to the musical depth. Traditional forms give way to contemporary beats putting, as they sing themselves, “a wiggle in your jeans”.

So, what happens when you put Fiona J MacKenzie, Yvonne Lyon, Stuart Clark, Lisa Rigby, Roberto Cassani and Alex Hodgson in a house together in Dumfries?

Genius. That’s what. And a few very bad jokes.

Kilmarnock Edition’s debut album, Pay it Forward is available now.

One thought on “Kilmarnock Edition – Paying it forward in style

  • 24th January 2013 at 9:57 pm

    Glad you enjoyed it Rhoda! We did too…..Tapadh leat!


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