Jetlag and beyond

I’m back in the land of wide open spaces and 3 seasons in a day, but it is good to be home.

Unfortunately, I have developed tendonitis in my right arm. I’m left handed, but typing is a challenge and I have been told to rest it. This is incredibly frustrating. The garden is up to my waist, the house needs pressure washed, pointing needs replaced and the whole shooting match needs painted. And that is only a small section of my list.

Hopefully it will heal quickly. If I rest it… Tricky when you live on your own.

Sadly, only a couple of days after I got back, I found a pet lamb on its last legs. Nothing could be done. It had got an infection earlier in the year and it looks like it just didn’t pull back well enough. Seven lambs continue to do well, though. They are no longer being fed and are left to their own devices.

In good news, the garden survived my almost 3 week absence pretty well.

Sharpe’s Express – First Early Potatoes 🙂


Purple Top Milan Turnip and a single stem of broccolli (a stem more than last year!)


GIANT Mangetout


I should have enough peas to blanche and freeze, which is exciting


And by far my most successful crop to date – garlic. Provence White, over-wintered and smelling amazing as it dries.


In other news:

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