It’s been a while – so here’s an update!


I really am bad at keeping up a blog… I’m going to try and be better, if only to keep track of everything I am doing. That way, when I feel like I am getting nowhere, I can look back and remind myself of how far I’ve come. Or not.

Today, I did the second dig of this year’s potato patch. In the autumn, I dug it over for the first time, and left the sods face down to compost, then I covered the whole thing in a range of horrible carpets I had removed from the house.

The second dig was to break up the sods further. Tomorrow I plan to fertilise the patch with a world of well composted cow dung.

Since  I last posted, I have gained 6 six hens, 4 ducks and a string of solar powered fairy lights.

I have been in hospital for a minor op and I celebrated by first Christmas and New Year in Tiree.

Here’s a quick round up of my edited highlights!


I finished the hen house, the hens arrived and they started laying.

I put ALL the veg in a clamp (pollag) and sealed the gutters.

I cleared the old garret. My friend Becca and I insulated, vapour barriered and boarded it out. I sleep there now. It’s right above my living room and much warmer than the room I was in.

I built a duck house, got ducks and found a mouse.

I built compost bins and my grandfather’s old greenhouse breathed its last in the massive southerly storms and had to be pulled down. I have replaced the concrete found with flagstones and plan to build a new one on the cheap in the next few weeks.


And finally, I tested this method of convection heating (thanks, youtube) and discovered that it did indeed work. Two flower pots, a loaf tin and 4 tealights.

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