Holiday time!

I am off on my holidays on Monday. Fingers are firmly crossed for good weather, but I am packing some layers just in case Gran Canaria suddenly decides to channel the west coast of Scotland.

I had planned to leave Tiree tomorrow, but the best laid plans of mice and men are often thwarted by a weather forecast. I took a few hard looks at the long range and brought my departure forward 2 days. It meant a mad scramble to get things done, but I think it was justified. Tomorrow will tell!

Weather for Tiree tomorrow

Weather for Tiree tomorrow

What it did mean was a lovely day in Helensburgh, working in a comfy hotel and catching up with old friends. I even manged a meal at the new restaurant in town – Cattle and Creel. By jove, it was good! I can highly recommend the steak, and the chocolate parfait. I couldn’t help taking a picture. It was so good!


I got a tyre replaced on the van and fitted in all my bulk buy shopping, which was an unexpected bonus.

Mya spent a night in the ensuite in the hotel last night. I don’t think she enjoyed it much, but at least she didn’t bark, and she was a darn sight warmer than she would have been in the van. She is now safely ensconsed in kennels.

Before I headed off, two awesome things happened. First, we got a spell of dry weather. Actually dry. Secondly, my friend and Olark colleague Madalyn popped over to Tiree as part of her sojourn in the UK. Apparently Tiree was pleasantly warm in comparison to winter in Michigan… Serious kudos for braving it at this time of year! Madalyn ++

Plenty got done over the last week. The new potato patch was fertilised, and then covered. Carrots were lifted and bagged. Some are for sale in the local shop, Bùth a’ Bhaile, which is exciting. The rest were put in a traditional straw and earth clamp. Peter was home for a few days and hopped over the stile to edge the new herb patch, working right up until the morning he left! Madalyn helped me weed and turn over last year’s carrot patch, which was also covered and in the midst of it all I got a batch of new-to-me implements from Harris for the Fergusson tractor. All I need to do is oil them and knock them back into working order and learn how to drive the tractor… Shouldn’t take long…

The evening before I left I battled low temperatures and tar in an attempt to waterproof the henhouse. We shall see how successful I have been on my return.

And finally, the presence of a visitor was a great excuse to do some walking and enjoy the beautiful few days.

Tomorrow, I am collecting the second polytunnel, spare cover, a hot water cylinder and plumbing accoutrement from my parents’ back garden. I feel a game of transit tetris coming on… Don’t think my mum will be sad to see the back of the packages littering her garden, though!

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