Hello, Nigel!

A new rooster and pair of hens arrived this week.

A Star Spangled Hamburg bantam trio.

I decided to call the rooster Nigel. Dunno why, he seems to spend a lot of time preening… Poor thing, he has been getting a tough time from the ladies. He does have a lovely crow, though.

Nigel and one hen have already escaped and been caught again. Turns out they scream blue murder when they get caught.

In a post-election result haze I added thresholds and copper tape to the polytunnel doors. The peas in the tunnel were eaten, and mice are suspected, so hopefully thresholds will help.

The nursery bed is also ready for early carrots and a workd of lettuce. I reused some black pipe from a friend, and secured it onto old copper pipe sunk into the ground.


This evening, 27 white cabbages joined the red ones in the walled garden, and were netted.



It may only be MAY but I have a broody hen. I put her in the cooling chamber tonight.


And finally, yesterday wasn’t just a joyful landslide for the SNP, but I finally figured out not only how the ducks were escaping from their covered run, but also where their nests were. The run is reinforced, and eggs have been removed and disposed of. With a bit of luck I’ll have some duck eggs for sale again soon. It’safe to say the poultry don’t like me right now.

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