Hello February!

First things first, I moved my blog to a new host. It did not go smoothly, but I am back up and running. I think a few images got skewed in transit, but I’ll get to them eventually.

Things are moving on here at Coll View, and I am excited to announce the official start of Fresh off the Croft.

Fresh off the Croft will be a market garden at Coll View. It will be in three sections. Firstly, the existing Walled Garden, then a section to the south which is going to be called “The Allotment”. And in the allotment will be a polytunnel.

I am heading off for a break next week and intend to return with the said polytunnel ready to put up if I can get the planning notification sorted out. It’s all very exciting!

You might think I have enough to do what with the house renovation and all, but I need a project which does not leave me staring at walls all the time, so on top of a full time job, I am going to split my time between inside and outside projects.

Hopefully, there will be fresh veg available throughout the summer on Tiree.

This Monday, the wonderful Ewen Hillcrest arrived with a rotovator and saved a month’s worth of digging.

The polytunnel area is marked out, and already dug and about to be covered in seaweed and dung – my neighbour Jane is going to be part of the Fresh of the Croft project.


Seaweed arrived



Early seeds are planted and tucked up warm



In other news, my double glazing should arrive this weekend, and I am making Peppa Pigs for my nieces.



Sadly, I used the last of the leeks this week 🙁


My two injured hens are recovering amazingly after being taken for a spin round Caolas in the jaws of a dog, and are currently living in the Pumphouse. I can’t let them out with the others as hens are terrible for attacking injured friends. This one was tricky to find, roosting on an old dresser. She is there every evening, without fail!




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