Get your griddle on!

I am sure there are plenty folk out there who have an old cast iron griddle laying around. Rusty probably. You want to use it, but don’t know how to clean it, and you can’t bring yourself to throw it out.

Whatever you do, don’t throw it out! “They don’t make them like that anymore!”

Here’s how I cleaned my Gran’s old one.

I washed the dust off.

Then I smothered it in vegetable oil and put it on the stove at full heat.

I left it there until it was smoking hot.

At that point, the rust began to to lift slightly. I got a metal fish slice and began to scrape. Flakes of rust went everywhere, but it was effective.

Once I had lifted as much as I could, I washed it again in cold water. Oiled, and repeated the process.

A final rinse, and a good oiling and we were good to go.

I let the stove and the griddle drop down to a decent pancake temperature, and oiled as I waited.

It took a few tries to get the temperature right, but I finally got pretty decent pancakes. Not a patch on my Gran’s, I’m sure, but passable.


200g self raising flour

100g sugar

2 eggs

  1. weigh flour and sugar. Add to a bowl and mix through
  2. Add the eggs and whisk until you have a breadcrumb like mixture
  3. Add milk until you get a batter – slightly firmer than double cream.
  4. Pour onto griddle (small ones to start with) to test temperature.
  5. When the top bubbles, it is ready to turn.
  6. Experiment!
  7. Rinse griddle lightly, then oil before putting it away. I hang mine so oil doesn’t get everywhere. Never use washing up liquid if you can help it – it removes the oil, and oil is your friend in this instance.

My Gran used to put ears on them!



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