Garden progress in the sun!

I’ve made some progress outside already this week thanks to some sun.

Having removed stones from the front of the house last year, I finally got round to procuring some topsoil to cover the ground. My plan is to seed it, before it turns into the biggest cat litter tray in the West.

I reckon I moved at least a ton of dirt.



Not content with putting my back out that way, I have also been fertilising the potato patch again in true Island style. I was donated a trailer’s worth of seaweed a few weeks ago, and it has been cooking nicely. I have actually NEVER smelt anything so bad. Eye-watering.

Potatoes are grown here in feannagan, or lazybeds. Trust me, there is nothing lazy about these beds. Mine has now been dug through three times. Those tatties better be good!



In other news, the garlic is doing well, and my wild garlic is coming on very nicely!

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