Friday treat – add this to your open tabs. Permanently.

A new website has joined the ranks of sites I keep open in my browser 24/7. That doesn’t happen often.

As a rule, I keep the following open:

  • Google search
  • Gmail
  • Google Apps email
  • Facebook
  • Tweetdeck
  • Evernote

And that’s about it. However, this week I discovered

Lumi connects to your Google account and uses your web history to create a customised set of news stories, articles and blog pieces based on what it reckons you interests are.

I weighed up the pros and cons of letting a website have access to my web history and figured, well – the NSA and GCHQ probably have all the info anyway, there’s nothing to lose.

I have been really impressed. I am already getting really good suggestions. The layout is smooth, stylish and clear and I am discovering new content faster and more efficiently than ever.

The more you browse, the more lumi learns. It’s not creepy, it is in fact incredibly useful. Another tool in the “make the internet work for you” suite.

What I really want though, is the app. Android please.

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