Fresh off the croft – San Francisco

I saw the Golden Gate bridge. Nice bridge. Looks like other bridges I have seen. Then I went and got a coffee.

In the course of my wanderings over the weekend, I have been struck by a few things. Firstly, for the fashion conscious man about town, shorts and knee-high socks seem to be the way to go. Secondly, I have never seen such a quantity of dog grooming salons or dog boutiques, or indeed TINY dogs ever. There are more dog salons than hair salons. However, I did pass a hair salon (for humans) today which doesn’t wash, cut or colour. It blowdries. For $40.

San Francisco is a great city – friendly, with a nice breeze. I’m having a ball!

Other helpful observations:

  • Chip and pin does not exist here. You sign with a pen.
  • Wifi is surprising hard to come by
  • Mailboxes look like trash cans (post boxes look like rubbish bins)
  • Segways exist in the wild
  • I will shortly have more dollar bills than my wallet can handle
  • Read the price tag then add a bit for tax
  • You may have permisison to cross the road, but cars will still turn onto the street. Technically,  it is illegal for them to hit you
  • MacDonalds asked if I wanted my chicken crispy. They didn’t give an alternative. Soggy?
  • Always leave a dollar tip when buying a drink
  • Never assume that 14th Street is after 13th and before 15th.
  • You can get lost even if the city is in a grid layout. Well, I can.
  • No-one uses the word fortnight.


Here are the things I deemed worthy of photographing.

One thought on “Fresh off the croft – San Francisco

  • 23rd June 2014 at 7:39 am

    Havin’ a ball!
    Love the news!
    Fi x


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