Fresh off the croft begins in earnest!

So, as there is a hint of spring, and fueled by a week of northern lights (seen by me for the first time), ditto an eclipse, Jane and I got planting this week.

Firstly, I planted a first outdoor row of broad beans, peas and mangetout, helped along with a liberal dose of homemade compost.

20150315_130337 20150315_130346

Then I did some greenhouse planting, lettuce, radishes, and baby beet. I had been warming the soil with cardboard, so hopefully something will come of it.

I also planted sprouts, leeks and celery. Celerey is a new plant this year, so it will be something of an experiment.

Then, the first early Sharpe’s express went in.



The squash bed was finally dug out of a world of nettle roots.


I kept digging this week, despite by back protesting, and by close of play today, 5 of 8 strips have been dug and covered. Of the 3 remaining, only one needs dug soon. The other two are going to be fallow/overflow. By the time I need to do them, I hope the rotovator, named Howard, will be working. Big thanks to island friends Mairi and Phil who donated him to the cause!

20150320_172418 20150318_130012

Today, 260 onions were planted, along with 3 varieties of shallots. In an effort to keep the various fowl from attacking the delicious little bulbs, I had a whale of a time making scarecrows and recycling co-op bags.

Hopefully my Dad won’t go looking for his boiler suit anytime soon…




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