Cast ne’er a clout til May be oot…

It’s been a mixed weekend weather-wise. Yesterday was shorts and t-shirt weather. Today was less sun and more shower – at 50mph. It cleared up lovely in the evening, though.

It’s been a weekend of more hard graft, but we have made great progress!

The to do list read as follows:

  • Make nettle feed
  • Make manure feed
  • Set up water butt and secure
  • Irrigation system
  • Plant lettuce outside and cover
  • Weed polytunnel
  • Plant out courgettes
  • Pot on leeks
  • Finish left side of tunnel
  • Plant out butternut squash and winter squash
  • Plant out nasturtiums
  • Plant out French beans
  • Move stuff out of greenhouse
  • Plant lots of herbs

And it all got done!

The irrigation system proved trickier than it looked, not in terms of logic, but in terms of getting the pipe attached, and squeezing large bit of plastic into tiny holes in the pipe. The guide said “some force may be needed”. In the end I resorted to a clamp and a hammer. My language was not particularly great during that particular process.

Lots of plants got moved, potted on, planted out and generally tidied up, as well as weeded.



By close of play on Sunday night, the polytunnel was looking pretty organised. Still the centre section to finish, borders to put in, and paths to lay, but the important stuff is happening.

I finished the day by going for a walk and checking out the shiny new sign on my croft site, before chasing the dog along the beach.


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