And… we’re back!

It’s been a long winter, and it’s not over yet.

Nonetheless, it’s time to get planning, digging and preparing all over again.

Christmas and New Year are past, and I am slowly beginning to get going on all the jobs needing done. So far, the polytunnel has survived 6 good going storms, although Frank tore a hole in the east end. It was a repairable hole, though, which was good.

So, first thing was to extend the henhouse as the hens were getting a bit cramped. As Becca was visiting, I roped her in and used her superior joinery skills. The hen house now has a full length nesting box on the left hand side.

20160109_113406 20160110_121513

Then, it snowed. And melted just as fast, but not before the hens had a little skate.

Once the freeze was over, Jane and I set about clearing the garage. Over the last few months of last season on Fresh off the Croft we had pretty much reached the point of blindly flinging things into the garage, including all the groud cover and netting. It took the best part of a say, but the garage is now spring cleaned and ready for a new season.

Next on the list is fertilising and covering the eight 20 metre strips in the allotment. The first one is done, and Jane was delighted to discover the quality of the latest batch of manure. She does love her compost!

20160123_155407 20160123_162343

The seaweed has now arrived, so it is all systems go as soon as the pegs for the ground cover wing their way here.

Two new kittens arrived at Coll View at New Year. They are 7 months old, and adorable. Captain Haddock and Professor Calculus


And finally, I treated myself to a new toy – a trail camera. So far it has spotted cats, blackbirds and a rat. My next goal is to get a video of an otter. Watch this space.


Tomorrow, I am going to rearrange the compost. No doubt I will be doing it in the rain. Then, I am going to order the second polytunnel… Happy days!


One thought on “And… we’re back!

  • 30th January 2016 at 5:13 pm

    Exciting to see things back up-and-running on the croft! Looking forward to following this season’s adventures. Particularly love Auntie Jane’s winter gardening hat.


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