And so it continues

Summer is still trying to figure out whether or not it is sober. The jury is out.

Some days are great, but they are too few and far between. The major issue is the base temperature, which is still hovering around 12. Not great for out door growing. Things are happening, but slowly.

There is nothing I can do about it, although I could live without Facebook reminding me that on this day last year I was lifting enormous garlic bulbs. I reckon they still need another month this year.

There are lots of positives, though, honest…

The new Wondermesh is over the salad beds, and the brassica bed is dug, trenched, sown and covered in mesh. Big thanks to Sarah and Adam and Joseph and Jen for their help making that happen!

There was a good enough evening to have a barbeque, and I got to try out my DIY firepit. I made it last year from an old washing machine. It worked perfectly.

Peas are on the way, along with mangetout. The courgettes are doing their thing almost too well, and there are plenty of bees about. The only spectacular failure so far this year was my outdoor strawberries, which failed entirely.

The allotment itself is looking smart. The grass is cut, edges trimmed, and with the mesh up, and the second windbreak taking shape, it is looking rather professional. Herbs went into the new bed at the side of the tunnel. They are mainly biannuals, so hopefully they will produce lots at the beginning of next year. This week I need to get on top of the walled garden which has rather run away with itself.

Looking good

Looking good

And if all that is a bit too much loveliness for you, feast your eyes on this beast of a spider which appeared in the house…


ps. Thanks to Tiree Development Trust for a start up grant which let us buy the Wondermesh 🙂


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