Achievement unlocked: polytunnel building

Do not ever think that constructing a polytunnel is an easy task. Not a 35 foot one, at any rate.

My hands were bleeding by the time I had finally fitted the aluminium base rails.

Mark and Jo came back for round 2, brave souls that they are, and together we got the cover over. There was a moment where more than one of us thought the cover was heading south for Milton, and the air momentarily turned blue.

That was yesterday.

Today, I finally got the hoops attached to the foundation poles, and added some old joists last used in a hanger on the Reef circa 1950. They are laying the length of each side of the tunnel (outside) in order to cut down on the chances of wind getting under and lifting it. My ancestors liked to keep things in case they came in handy one day…

Here is the second half of the polytunnel story:

As my neighbour is in on the project, I had no complaints about the view from her garden!

Also, Fresh off the Croft sold its first salad leaves. It was an early sowing to test the keder house. 5 short rows yielded 1.6kg of spinach and rocket – all of which was snapped up in less than two days. Well done, Tiree!

I am off to an appointment on the mainland tomorrow – freshly bathed and everything! When I get back, the growing begins in earnest.

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