A day of discoveries

Today was a day of interesting discoveries!

In the cupboards over and under the stairs I found:

20150831_1023313 bedpans

2 Ostrich eggs (brought back my my Great Uncle Charlie from his travel abroad)

A ship in a bottle

A variety of ugly crockery

and an empty suitcase.




The stairs themselves have finally been opened up. Back in the day, Coll View was clad internally in a delightful combination of hardboard and woodchip. All of this has to be removed for work to move on. The stairs were boxed in and proved a nightmare for getting furniture up and down. No more. Underneath the hardboard is the original stair, which with a little TLC should be able to be restored to its former glory. I think I’ll change the colour, though… It was also delightful not to do any of the demo work myself.

Amongst the detritus, I found a wallpaper steamer. I think that was a little optimistic of whoever put it there. In this house, woodchip is removed with a claw hammer…

The incident with the strimmer will be put behind me.


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